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Speech therapy may be helpful for someone if they are hard to understand, late in acquiring first words, having trouble eating or are picky eaters, can’t get their thoughts out, or having changes in voice quality. Stuttering and Speech Therapy of Arizona provides comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment for children and adults within the following speech and language areas:

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Many times stuttering impacts not only speech production but other areas of daily living such as self-confidence, desire to speak up in class, or speak on the phone. Stuttering can begin as early as 2 years old through adulthood. Learn More…

Speech sound disorders involve trouble making certain speech sounds. This can include leaving sounds out, adding, or changing sounds. Speech sound disorders can impact a person’s overall intelligibility, making it difficult to be understood by others.

​Language delays or disorders can create a challenge when trying to understand others (receptive language) and express wants and needs (expressive language). Language therapy may include focus on listening, grammar, questioning, literacy, vocabulary skills, and much more.

Sometimes young children have a limited number of words or vocalizations. Play-based speech therapy can help empower parents to facilitate communication with their children at home. Early intervention is key!

Please Note: a hearing evaluation is often recommended prior to beginning speech therapy with children delayed in expressive language. We are happy to provide a referral to an Audiologist in your area

Not knowing when to stand up or sit down, shake hands, interject or stay silent, or recognize when it’s your turn to speak can inhibit a feeling of comfort in the modern world. We can help.

Is your child a “picky eater?” Some children have aversions to certain textures and flavors. A sensory-motor and behavioral approach can often help children with feeding difficulties.
Accents and different dialects make each of us different and unique to our cultures. Accent modification may help with your personal goals whether for your acting career, personal self-confidence, career, or for those who want to model it for their children, etc.

Voice therapy helps empower you to find a clear and healthy voice to fit your personal communication goals. This may include the use of vocal exercises and learning more about the physical structure of the voice. Please note: An ENT referral may be required prior to starting voice therapy. We can guide you through this process as needed.

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