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Is Teletherapy Right For You?

Teletherapy (Telepractice/Online therapy) is a way for individuals to receive speech-language services in the comfort of their own homes. This is available to those who can’t reach us directly in the clinic due to a variety of reasons (e.g. location, transportation limitations, health concerns, etc.). We utilize a user-friendly, HIPAA-secure program to provide online therapy.

The teletherapy process to get started with speech therapy at SSTA is very similar to in-person. We begin with an initial evaluation then schedule ongoing therapy sessions following. To learn more, check out our FAQ page.

We are committed to ensuring speech-language services are available for all during COVID-19 closures. Our goal is to maintain a regular routine and program with no gaps in service for clients during this time. Please reach out to our Office Coordinator to get started with teletherapy right away.
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